This is a fan made project designed to help players quickly and easily access rulings for specific “card vs card” cases.

Why did we make this?

There are a lot of rulings and discussions out there already, however there are two major problems:

1. It’s difficult to find the exact ruling for the card you are looking for. Even if equivalent rulings exist for cards with similar effects, if the user is not aware of these other cards then they might not be able to find the ruling they are looking for.

2. Ruling discussion boards like Facebook groups and Reddit are great, but very disorganized and some threads are full of unnecessary banter that isn’t helpful for someone trying to find a resolution mid-duel.

3. Even simulators / games aren’t seen as reliable as many follow OCG rules which can have different outcomes with TCG rules or SEGOC logic is applied.

We just wanted to create a simple and straight forward ruling / verdict / opinion database based on the user searching up the interactions between two cards.

Is this site automated?

No, due to the legalistic nature of the rulings, and also in order to provide a clear explanation of what is happening, the verdicts on this site are hand written.

The rulings / verdicts on this site are to be considered “unofficial” and as “opinions” only, if anyone has a problem with the way certain outcomes are ruled, you are more than welcome to challenge the result and provide a better resolution! (There is a comment section beneath the verdicts on this site you are welcome to use!)

How can we trust the verdicts on this site?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! community is pretty split on what is considered “correct” or not, the rabbit hole goes pretty deep with conflicts between OCG and TCG rulings, people who won’t trust anything unless it has Konami’s blessings (which leaves a lot to be desired), and various concerns relating to the validity of a ruling.

But the primary intended use case for this is that you and your friends are in the middle of a duel, an argument comes up about what should happen, you need a quick resolution and can easily use our search tool to pull up info on the cards in question. That’s it!

Are there actual official judges involved?

This is an “unofficial” project, so even if we have contributors or editors who happen to be official judges, it is not in their benefit to disclose their names as they could get repercussions for being involved in an unofficial, non-endorsed project.

This means that there is a degree of trust involved in the rulings and verdicts on this site, but if you come across anything you disagree with, feel free to post it in the comments section which are located at the bottom of each “verdict” page.

This was meant for casual games use only, not tournaments!

If you and your buddies can agree to what is on the site, then the conflict is over and you can move on with the duel.

Our site can merely be used as one of many potential resources to get info from. In fact, many of the verdicts on our site are linked to other resources that readers can follow up on (and many players already use these resources for their personal duels anyways). Our site just helps make this organized and searchable.

All of us have probably played the game incorrectly at some point in time, it happens. Not every gathering of friends is going to have a seasoned Sage standing by to rule on outcomes.

Nobody wants to be “that guy” that people avoid playing with because he’s so bent up on the rules. At the end of the day, it’s a game. This wasn’t meant to be a tool for official tournament use nor was this meant to hold that sort of authority.

If the verdicts on this site help friends get over a disagreement and move on with a fun time of dueling, then the site is doing exactly what it was intended to do!

If you have any problems with a particular verdict on our site, please feel free to provide feedback and help make it a better place for everyone!

Are Contributors to this site paid?

The people who contribute to the verdicts on this website are usually unpaid volunteers who are helping for the betterment of the community.

How can I submit rulings?

If you have any rulings requests, corrections, or ruling verdicts that you want to contribute to our database, feel free to use the contact form here.

Can I become a contributor?

Anyone can request to become a contributor, since the info on this site is updated by hand, we could use all the help we can get! Apply here.

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